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Midwest book review


"Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs" is a new take on a holiday adventure theme that is only days away from the next Advent calendar dateline! You can never start preparing for the holidays too soon, and "Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs" is sure to tickle a giggle out of every youngster and even more than a few oldsters. Inspired by the holiday purchase of an actual pink flying pig decoration for Christmas ("did I mention it was huge?"), author Dr. Spalding decided to take a fresh focus on the traditional heroes of the day and concocted a miraculous fable of Mrs. Claus, (Sara Claus) to the rescue when multiple Christmas crises occur. As it says in the book, "The North Pole is melting; Santa is sick; the polar elves can't make toys in their water-logged work stations; the reindeer have deer mites and are too itchy to fly." Fortunately the resourceful Sara Claus is equal to the challenge, as are the fabulous pink flying Christmas pigs! Young adults and even teenagers will enjoy "Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs," with its funny black and white illustrations by Anirban Ghosh.


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