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Right beside Santa
The whole year long
Is his wife, Sara Claus
Loving and strong

With bright rosy cheeks
White hair in a bun
Dressed in red and white velvet
Smells like cookies just done 

She peaks from her glasses
At problems big or small
Comes up with a solution
In no time at all

For Sara is the executive glue
That holds the North Pole together
She runs the whole shipping operation
When the reindeer are under the weather

She always leads gently
Especially when Santa is sick
And delivers all the toys
When he can’t make the trip

Her secret delivery system
Doesn’t use reindeer
But pigs with white wings
That fly through the air

The flying pink pigs
With green wreaths and white wings
Pull sleighs full of toys
That would make your heart sing

To the delight of the children
And parents alike
Comes a whole flying circus
Of squealing pigs—what a sight!

In each sleigh ride three elves
Not all from the Pole
In the deep of the forests
There are wood elves galore

These special elves
Make many new toys
And they slip down the chimneys
Without any noise

So now that the new tradition
Of Christmas Eve night
Is now one of all times
With pigs on the flight

So oink oink and away
Sarah Claus out of sight
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night