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by: Dr. Robert Spalding

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Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs
Robert T Spalding

Children - Chapter Books
Reviewed for ReadersFavorite.com

It is a few weeks before Christmas and Santa has the flu. The reindeer have come down with a bad case of mites and will not be available to fly Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. The polar cap is melting and due to flooding, Santa's workshops have been unable to make sufficient toys for the children of the world.

Enter Mrs. Sara Kringle, Santa's wife. She is an organized and highly efficient woman who has organized toy factories throughout the world. She solicits the services of Charlie, a lonely man who plays Santa at the local mall. He, in turn, is able to get the assistance of 200 helpers, 100 "Santas" and 100 "Saras" to help him deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.

Since the reindeer are not available to lead the sleigh, Sara Kringle has secretly been giving gifted pigs flying lessons and they are now ready to step in and help deliver the toys. All it takes is a bit of coordination and Christmas will be delivered to the children as planned.

This is a lovely story which will delight young children. Even though the events are predictable, children will still be able to speculate on how the grand event will be carried off without a hitch. This is a story which will delight grade school children and will be fun for parents to read to their children as well.